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Enduring Quality Design

Vaune Dugan was educated at Dartmouth College and earned a Master of Architecture degree at The University of Virginia.    Coming from this background it should not surprise anyone that she is primarily interested in designing structures that reference and make use of  traditional  architectural vocabulary and form.

In early, post graduate school years, she worked for a large, well known, architecture firm in Boston.  At Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson and Abbott she had the opportunity to work on large and small institutional projects, including  additions to the Smithsonian Institute and the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.   In 1987,  Vaune decided to open her own firm and focus on community and residential design.  Some of the projects from this period included developing new neighborhoods  that incorporated traditional New England town planning principles.  At the time, plans including open spaces, village greens,  roads and lots designed to compliment unique site features  and go beyond  typical cul-de-sac subdivision were novel  (and welcome) concepts . 

In 1997 Vaune opened her office in Wolfeboro.  While she has moved away from institutional and community design, the voice of  New England tradition continues to be a major influence in site development and home design.  Vaune designs homes, and helps owners, to improve properties and enhance the features of the landscape in a way that is sustainable,  beautiful, indigenous and enduring.

Bring your ideas and preferences.  Vaune will help you to craft a plan and structure that suits your needs and blends sensitively into the New England landscape.  Enduring quality design is an attribute of each and every project.

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