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New Homes

Create your new dream home on a site in the Lakes Region.  The design process will start with the site and develop into a home that is  both balanced and beautiful.  Careful attention will help accentuate and take advantage of the best features of the property while providing beautiful, efficient , comfortable rooms and spaces on the interior.

Vaune will combine your ideas and visions with her architectural expertise to create a timeless piece of architecture that will be enjoyed now and for generations to come.

Additions / Renovations

Additions are designed to blend seamlessly with the existing structure.  Materials and form that complement the best qualities of the home are design determinants.

The entire plan of the improved house will be reconsidered for optimal utility, function and aesthetics.

The highest compliment is to hear that "The house looks and lives like it was originally designed  as it is now."

Site Design

Every parcel of land is unique, each has attributes that should become the focus of attention.  Slope and view are among the most important  features of a home site.  Not only should the house be designed to accentuate the best view and feature, but it must also be carefully placed on the site to allow it's connection to the landscape.

There are always opportunities for outdoor living spaces, patios, porches, paths and steps.

Indoor rooms can be greatly enhanced by the connection to a view or exterior feature. Structures such as boathouses, barns, docks and beaches will be carefully placed for utility and beauty.

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